Griffin, Rosemary

About the author

Rosemary Griffin was an author active in the 1950s. She wrote one book, The Ponies Loved it Too, with Paddy Miles, and two others on her own.


The Ponies Loved it Too

Blackie, London, 1950, illus Stanley Lloyd
Reprinted Blackie, 1957
(authored by both)

An undemanding holiday story: the Everard and Leslie families, later joined by the Andersons, havefun with their ponies. They have a picnic, play polo with hockey sticks and walking sticks, ride overto a farm to collect their lost ginger cat Rufus, and finally go on an eighteen mile ride to see a playone of the mothers has produced.

Many thanks to Amanda Dolby for the picture.

Cheers for the Ponies!

Blackie & Son, London, 1954, 94 pp, illus Peter Biegel.

A ponies plus adventure story in which children solve a mystery.


Blackie & Son, London, 1956, 93 pp, illus Geoffrey Whittam.

A holiday story set on Dartmoor