Books where I could live the dream

I had no idea pony books existed until I got Diana Pullein-Thompson’s Riding with the Lyntons.

I realised that there really were books where I could live the dream, because I was a riding-school child, not a pony owner. But the people in the books got their ponies. They scrimped, and saved, and they managed it. They schooled their ponies and they won rosettes.

It didn’t matter that they were girls. No one told them they couldn’t do something, or if they did, these girls proved them wrong. Girls and boys were on an absolutely level playing field. What mattered was how well they rode, not what sex they were.

I was hooked. I read every pony book I came across, and built up a solid collection of paperbacks. My sainted mother didn’t throw them out, as so many mothers would have, and when I moved into a house of my own, two big boxes of books arrived. And the love affair with the pony book started all over again.

Since then, I’ve sold antiquarian horse books and hard-to-find pony books. I’ve developed this website, and then I started bringing back all those hard-to-find books as eBooks so everyone could enjoy them again.

What Jane Badger Books is about

Bringing back the very best of classic pony fiction

Giving pony book fans the biggest and best info resource on the web


Jill’s Gymkhana

I owned and read the entire Jill series when I was a pony mad child. It was great to re-read this as a pony mad middle aged woman. Thank you so much to Jane for all the time and effort she went through to get these books re-published. Looking forward to re-reading the rest.


The website

Thank you, Jane. Your knowledge is astounding & very very helpful to know.

Ruby Olive

The eBooks

… anything you publish is an autobuy for me

Cheyenne Kinsella

Behind the scenes

Based in Northamptonshire, most of the day to day work happens at my desk. Of course there’s also the opportunity to get inspiration from the bookshelves.

Some of the books JBB has republished