About this website
Welcome to the first, and largest, website specialising in horse and pony fiction. It’s all here, from the brilliant written to the frankly bad. The unassuming might think just a few authors wrote pony books, but the unassuming would be wrong. There are now over 1,100 authors featured on this site, and several thousand titles. The genre is still alive and kicking. And why is it called Jane Badger Books, you might ask? Way back when, I sold antiquarian books, and specialised in horses. The website was started then to support the bookselling. I no longer sell antiquarian books, but as the site is well known under that name, I’ve stuck with it. And it’s proved quite handy for my publishing venture: bringing classic pony fiction back into print.

About me
I’m a freelance writer, editor, proof reader and publisher. I’ve written Heroines on Horseback (2013), a gallop through the pony book in children’s fiction, and have written the world’s largest website on equine literature. That’s the one you’re looking at now, though it is currently transitioning over from its original form over to the all-new, sparkly, mobile-friendly version.

I’ve also written Ruby Ferguson and the Jill Booksan exploration of Ruby Ferguson, the person behind the books, with lots of information on every book in the series. That’s free to download.


Some trivia about me …

  • My earliest horse memory is being bitten on the arm by a piebald who lived in the field at the end of our garden. It did not put me off.
  • My family are remarkably tolerant of my horse obsession, probably because I make valiant efforts not to include the horse in every conversation. I learned that skill at an early age, when it dawned on me that not everyone (poor, misguided souls) felt the same way about the horse as me.
  • I have fallen off a lot of horses in my time, but the silliest was off a pony who had come to a complete stop. Having stayed on until then, I slowly toppled off sideways into a ploughed field.
  • I love dogs, but have two huge black and white cats.
  • I read extremely fast, which is handy for my line of work. When I was little, my mother banned me from reading for a week. I thought life had come to an end.
  • I can weed nettles (small ones) with my bare hands.