This is a new section of the website – the first I’ve added in years. I have a lot of horse and pony magazines, and they’re always popular whenever I feature them on any of my social media, so I thought it would be good to share the magazines I have (well, the covers).

My collection is a bit limited. It’s mostly Pony and Riding, with a few Ponies of BritainStable Management, and The Horse. And a solitary, lonely, copy of Light Horse. Here they are, nevertheless.

Much though I’d love to include Horse & Hound, I am slightly handicapped by the fact I don’t have any, and am a bit daunted by the idea of starting a collection of something of which there are thousands.

If you can fill any gaps, and are prepared to get going with a scanner, do please get in touch. Before you get snapping, I far prefer scans. Pictures taken on phones usually aren’t parallel.

The Magazines