The Jill-opedia

This section includes (or will) much of the information on my old website, which had a wealth of information on Ruby Ferguson’s iconic series.


I am often asked if the paperbacks are abridged. In general, if you have a Knight paperback, and that’s what you’re most likely to have as more of them were produced than for any edition, then it will be abridged. The Fidra paperbacks are not abridged, and the Armada paperbacks are not either, as far as I’m aware.

The original Hodder hardbacks are not abridged; there might be some very minor changes in the Super Hampton Library, and I’m not sure about the Hodder laminated hardbacks as they’re very tricky to track down.

The books that were changed most dramatically are the first three, and you can find the precise details in each title’s section:

Jill’s Gymkhana

A Stable for Jill

Jill Has Two Ponies

Food in the Jill Books

Besides being dedicated to her ponies, Jill also enjoyed her food. You can read just how much here.