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Where can I buy the books?

You can buy books:

Caroline Akrill

The showing series

Caroline Canters Home (eBook/paperback)
I’d Rather Not Gallop (eBook)
If I Could Ride (eBook)
Inside Pegasus (eBook)

The eventing series

Eventer’s Dream (paperback)
Ticket to Ride (paperback)
A Hoof in the Door (paperback)
Courses for Horses (paperback)

Jane Badger

Heroines on Horseback (eBook)

Jill and the Lost Ponies (eBook/paperback)

Gillian Baxter

Jump to the Stars (eBook)
The Difficult Summer (eBook)
The Perfect Horse (eBook)

The Stables at Hampton (eBook May 2024)

Judith M Berrisford

The Cats of Winkle Bay (eBook)
The Far-from-home Cats (eBook)

Joanna Cannan


Another Pony for Jean (eBook/paperback)
More Ponies for Jean (eBook/paperback)


We Met Our Cousins (eBook/paperback)
London Pride (eBook/paperback)

Gaze at the Moon (eBook)
They Bought Her a Pony (eBook)
I Wrote a Pony Book (eBook)

Victoria Eveleigh

Midnight on Lundy (eBook/paperback)

Ruby Ferguson

Jill’s Gymkhana (eBook/paperback)
A Stable for Jill (eBook/paperback)
Jill Has Two Ponies (eBook/paperback)
Jill Enjoys Her Ponies (eBook/paperback)
Jill’s Riding Club (eBook/paperback)
Rosettes for Jill (eBook/paperback)
Jill and the Perfect Pony (eBook/paperback)
Pony Jobs for Jill (eBook/paperback)
Jill’s Pony Trek (eBook/paperback)

Patience McElwee

Dark Horse (eBook)
Match Pair (eBook)
The Merrythoughts (eBook)

Patricia Leitch

Dream of Fair Horses (eBook/paperback)
The Horse from Black Loch (eBook/paperback)
Highland Pony Trek (eBook)
Afraid to Ride (eBook/paperback)
Pony Surprise (eBook/paperback)
Riding Course Summer (eBook/paperback)
Jump to the Top (eBook/paperback)
Cross Country Pony (eBook/paperback)

The Jinny series

Coming in 2024

Marjorie Mary Oliver and Eva Ducat

The Ponies of Bunts (eBook/paperback)
Sea Ponies (eBook/paperback)
Ponies and Caravans (eBook/paperback)

Hazel M Peel

Darius the Eventer (eBook/paperback)
Dido and Rogue (eBook/paperback)
Night Storm the Flat Racer (eBook/paperback)

Christine Pullein-Thompson

The Horse Sale (eBook)
The First Rosette (eBook/paperback)
The Second Mount (eBook/paperback)
Three to Ride (eBook/paperback)
The Impossible Horse (eBook)

Diana Pullein-Thompson

Augusta and Christina

I Wanted a Pony (eBook/paperback)
Three Ponies and Shannan (eBook/paperback)
A Pony to School (eBook/paperback)
Only a Pony (eBook/paperback)

Sandy and Fergus

Ponies in the Valley (eBook/paperback)
Ponies on the Trail (eBook/paperback)
Ponies in Peril (eBook/paperback)

Josephine Pullein-Thompson

Noel and Henry

Six Ponies (eBook/paperback)
Pony Club Team (eBook/paperback)
The Radney Riding Club (eBook/paperback)
One Day Event (eBook/paperback)
Pony Club Camp (eBook/paperback)

Woodbury pony club

Pony Club Cup (eBook/paperback)
Pony Club Challenge (eBook/paperback)
Pony Club Trek (eBook/paperback)

The Moors Series

Star-Riders on the Moor (eBook)
Fear Treks the Moor (eBook)
Ride to the Rescue (eBook)
Ghost Horse on the Moor (eBook)
Treasure on the Moor (eBook May 2024)


A Job with Horses (eBook/paperback)
All Change (eBook)
I Had Two Ponies (eBook/paperback)
Plenty of Ponies (eBook/paperback)
Prince among Ponies (eBook/paperback)
Show Jumping Secret (eBook)
Patrick’s Pony (eBook/paperback)