Miles, Paddy and Griffin, Rosemary

About the author

The Ponies Loved It Too was written by both Paddy Miles and Rosemary Griffin. Paddy Miles doesn’t seem to have written anything else that I can find: Cheers for the Ponies and The Ponies Camped Too seem to have been written by Rosemary Griffin alone, though the dedication of Cheers for the Ponies is ‘To Paddy, with many thanks for making me write at all.’ Presumably this Paddy is the same one as the joint author of the first book.

Finding the books
All the titles are reasonably easy to find, and generally not too expensive.

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Many thanks to Amanda Dolby and Susan Bourgeau for their help with the pictures.


The ponies loved it too

Blackie, London, 1950, illus Stanley Lloyd
Reprinted Blackie, 1957
(authored by both)

An undemanding holiday story: the Everard and Leslie families, later joined by the Andersons, have fun with their ponies. They have a picnic, play polo with hockey sticks and walking sticks, ride over to a farm to collect their lost ginger cat Rufus, and finally go on an eighteen mile ride to see a play one of the mothers has produced.

Many thanks to Amanda Dolby for the picture.

Cheers  for the Ponies

Blackie, London, 1954, illus Peter Biegel
(authored by Rosemary Griffin)

Chris and her brother Anthony are home from school. They and their friends the Ramsays have a horsy summer planned, but the Ramsays aren’t sure how it’ll all work out, as their cousins from Leicestershire, who ride with the Quorn, are coming with their ponies. The Leicestershire lot are rather full of themselves, but soon learn the error of their ways. They all decide to camp out in two camps, each camp to spy on the other camp and steal their “treasure”. Then, while they’re out, they come across two dishevelled men plotting in the barn…

The Ponies Camped Too

Blackie, London, 1950
Reprinted 1957
(authored by Rosemary Griffin)

Many thanks to Susan Bourgeau for the picture.