Confused? Pseudonyms & Similar Titles

The lot of a pony book collector is not always an easy one. Some titles were republished, and when they were, their titles changed. Then some authors wrote under different names, some published under different names what is in fact the same book … and in America many titles were changed completely. Of course some of us do want every edition of a title, but if you don’t, and think you have discovered a previously unknown title, this page will hopefully help you avoid making what might be an expensive mistake. (If you do discover a previously undiscovered title, then please do let me know.)

This list isn’t exhaustive: it’s a work in progress, so if you find either a book or an author who needs to be on this page, please let me know. Many thanks to everyone on the forum who helped out with suggestions for what needed to be on here.

Authors and their aliases

Wendy Douthwaite also wrote as Elizabeth Wynne
A D Langholm also wrote as Alan Davidson
Christine Pullein-Thompson also wrote as Christine Keir
Patricia Leitch also wrote as Jane Eliot
K M Peyton also wrote as Kathleen Herald
H M Peel also wrote as Hazel Peel and Hazel M Peel
Marjorie Mary Oliver also wrote as Marjorie Oliver and M M Oliver


Books which have been re-titled

Caroline Akrill:   The Silver Bridle contains the three separate stories Make Me a Star, Stars Don’t Cry and Catch a Falling Star
James Aldridge
: A Sporting Proposition became Ride a Wild Pony
Judith M Berrisford: Jackie’s Pony Camp Summer was reprinted as Jackie and the Pony Camp Summer
Nancy Caffrey:  Somebody’s Pony was reprinted as Lost Pony
Monica DickensCobbler’s Dream was reprinted as New Arrival at Follyfoot
Wendy DouthwaiteAll Because of a Polly was reprinted as Dream Pony
Ruby FergusonJill Enjoys Her Ponies was reprinted as Jill and the Runaway
Ruby FergusonPony Jobs for Jill was reprinted as Challenges for Jill
Ruby Ferguson:  Jill’s Gymkhana was reprinted in the USA as A Horse of Her Own
Patricia Leitch: Janet, Young Rider was reprinted in the UK as Horse for the Holidays and in the USA as Last Summer to Ride
Patricia Leitch: Dream of Fair Horses was reprinted in the USA as Fields of Praise
Patricia Leitch: The Special Pony was reprinted in the USA as The Perfect Horse
Patricia Leitch:  A Pony to Jump was reprinted in the USA as Jumping Lessons
Patricia Leitch: The Stolen Pony was reprinted in the USA as Mystery Horse
Patricia Leitch: Pony Puzzle was reprinted in the USA as Show Jumper Wanted
Patricia Leitch: The Black Loch was reprinted as The Horse from Black Loch
Patricia Leitch: First Pony is the same book as Jane Eliot’s First Pony
Patricia Leitcha: Afraid to Ride is the same book as Jane Eliot’s Afraid to Ride
Patricia Leitch: Jacky Jumps to the Top was reprinted as Jump to the Top, and is the same book as Jane Eliot’s Jacky Jumps to the Top

Dorothy Lyons: Harlequin Hullabaloo was retitled Bluegrass Champion for the Grosset & Dunlap Famous Horse Stories series
Elyne MitchellSilver Brumby’s Daughter was reprinted as Snow Filly
HM Peel: Fury, Son of the Wilds was reprinted as Fury
K M PeytonThe Last Ditch was reprinted in the USA as Free Rein
Christine Pullein-Thompson: The Doping Affair was reprinted as The Pony Dopers
Christine Pullein-Thompson: The Impossible Horse is the same book as Christine Keir’s The Impossible Horse
Diana Pullein-Thompson: Cassidy in Danger was reprinted as This Pony is Dangerous
Diana Pullein-Thompson: The Boy and the Donkey was reprinted as The Donkey Race
Josephine Pullein-Thompson: All Change was reprinted as The Hidden Horse
Josephine Pullein-Thompson: Star-Riders of the Moor was reprinted as Star Riders


Same title, but is it the same book?

Afraid to Ride: C W Anderson
Afraid to Ride: Patricia Leitch or Jane Eliot (this is the same book!)

A Horse of Her Own: Joanna Campbell
A Horse of Her Own: Anne Wedekind
A Horse of Her Own: Selma Hudnut
A Horse of Her Own:  Ruby Ferguson (this is the USA printing of Jill’s Gymkhana)

A Pocketful of Ponies:  Jean Cree
A Pocketful of Ponies:  Mary May

A Pony of our Own:  Patricia Leitch
A Pony of Your Own: Mary Gervaise (not quite the same I know, but they’re close)

Dream Pony: Constance White
Dream Pony: Elinore Havers
Dream Pony: Sandy Lane Stables Series
Dream Pony: Wendy Douthwaite

High Hurdle:  Ginny Elliot
High Hurdles:  Joan Houston
High Hurdles:  Janet Lambert

Horse Haven:  Nancy Caffrey
Horsehaven:  Christine Pullein-Thompson

If Wishes were Horses:  Catherine Harris
If Wishes were Horses:  Jean Slaughter Doty
If Wishes were Horses:  Ivy Baker
If Wishes were Horses:  Maggie Dana ( Best Friend Series 4)
If Wishes were Horses: Bernadette Kelly
If Wishes were Horses:  Sibley Miller ( Wind Dancers series)
If Wishes were Horses: Susanna Forrest (non fiction memoir: an excellent read)

Lost Pony:  Nancy Caffrey
The Lost Pony:  Christine Pullein-Thompson
The Lost Pony:  Wendy Douthwaite

The Midnight Horse: Monica Edwards
The Midnight Horse: Michelle Bates, Sandy Lane Stables Series

Nobody’s Pony: J M Berrisford
Nobody’s Pony: Beryl Bye
Nobody’s Horse:  Joanne Webster

No Place for Ponies: Primrose Cumming
No Place for Ponies:  Betty Horsfield

Perfect Ponies:  this is the generic title for Katie Price’s pony series; and also
Perfect Ponies:  another series by Lucy Daniels, which includes Keeping Faith, Sweet Charity and Last Hope

Phantom Horse:  Peter Grey
Phantom Horse series:  Christine Pullein-Thompson

Pony Club Camp: Jane Eliot (Patricia Leitch)
Pony Club Camp: Josephine Pullein-Thompson

Ponies in Peril:  Irene Makin
Ponies in Peril:  Diana Pullein-Thompson

Pony for Sale:  Beryl Bye
Pony for Sale:  Ann Stafford
A Pony for Sale:  Diana Pullein-Thompson

Prize Pony: Kathleen Mackenzie
The Prize Pony: Josephine Pullein-Thompson

Queen Rider:  A D Langholm IS the same book as
Queen Rider:  Alan Davidson

Rider by Night:  Karin Anckarsvard
Ride by Night:  Christine Pullein-Thompson
Ride by Night:  Elizabeth Lindsay

Save the Ponies: Gillian Baxter
Save the Ponies: Josephine Pullein-Thompson

The Christmas Pony:  Wendy Douthwaite
The Christmas Pony:  Sylvia Green

Will to Win:  Samantha Alexander
The Will to Win:  Mary May

Year of the Horse:  Eric Hatch
Year of the Horse:  Diana Walker