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Sea Ponies

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Sea Ponies is one of those classic comfort reads. If you’re currently mired in a grey, depressing January, this is the book you need, and it’s on special offer at the moment. It’s full of ponies, free range children and adventure, and of course, sea. And sun.

It’s available as an eBook on Kobo, Amazon and Angus & Robertson.

Coming soon

Coming in 2022: Ruby Ferguson's original Jill series.

Ruby Ferguson: Jill's Gymkhana – February 24 2022. On pre-order now

Josephine Pullein-Thompson: A Job with Horses – Spring 2022

Christine Pullein-Thompson: The Horse Sale – Spring 2022

Many titles are also now available on Kobo.

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The Jill books ride again

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I've now started a publishing company to bring back the classics of pony fiction.

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