Classic pony books

Available again

There are 14 titles out now, and coming up are:

  • October: Patience McElwee
    Match Pair, Dark Horse and The Merrythoughts

October: Marjorie Mary Oliver & Eva Ducat
Sea Ponies, Ponies & Caravans, The Ponies of Bunts

December: Joanna Cannan
I Wrote a Pony Book; Gaze at the Moon

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Book Spotlight

Patricia Leitch
The Horse from Black Loch

It was a being from a lost age, proud, powerful and alien …

“I’d recommend this to anyone who likes the work of Patricia Leitch, wants a horse story with a difference, or is fond of good old stories of children in an old house, solving a mystery." Amazon 5* review

The Horse from Black Loch is now available as a paperback, with all the original illustrations. It’s a powerful read, and is still just as absorbing as when it was published in 1963. 

Authors A–Z is where you’ll find information on pony book authors: the encyclopaedia part of the site

Featured Authors

Diana Pullein-Thompson

Like her sisters, Diana Pullein-Thompson (1925–2015) was best known for her pony books. Her first solo pony book was I Wanted a Pony (1946), which followed It Began with Picotee, written with her sisters.

Patricia Leitch

Patricia Leitch (1933–2015) had a varied career,  before she settled down to writing. Thanks to her Jinny series, she is a must-read author if you want to do a serious study of how the pony book genre developed.

Caroline Akrill

Pony book authors don’t tend to do humour: perhaps it’s the undercurrent of morality that underpins most of the genre (you must take proper care of your pony ), but the pony book that makes you laugh out loud is rare.

Marianne Mjelva

Marianne Mjelva is a Norwegian author, who learned to ride when she was right. When she was 10, she wrote in her diary: ‘When I grow up I’m going to be a dog owner, a horse owner and a writer.’ She’s done all of those.

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