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Caroline Akrill
Courses for Horses

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…  tried to ration myself but couldn't help but read another chapter and another and another.  I loved every bit of it and would highly recommend it. Caroline Akrill is a superb author and there is plenty of her wonderful humour shining through in the text. Simply wonderful.

Well worth waiting 30 years for a sequel to the eventing trilogy!

I read it in one sitting, finished by tea-time, and felt quite misty eyed at the end… Many thanks Caroline for picking up your pen again after such a lengthy interlude and Jane Badger for publishing it.

At last … it's been thirty years, but the final part of the Eventers' series is now out.

Back we go to the 1980s. Elaine is still at Havers Hall. So are the Fanes, and all the horses from the previous books. 

But the Fanes have never had enough money, and they've run out again. The Hall has been refurbished. So have the stables. But you can't take a refurbished brick down to the supermarket to pay for your shopping. Something must be done, or the horses must go. 

The Fanes have ideas, and so does Elaine. She's just not sure what the Fanes will think.

Coming soon

Throughout 2022: Ruby Ferguson's original Jill series.

Ruby Ferguson: Jill Enjoys Her Ponies – 26 May 2022. Available now

Caroline Akrill: Courses for Horses. Available now

Caroline Akrill: Eventer's Dream, Ticket to Ride, A Hoof in the Door (paperbacks): released on 16 June 2022

Ruby Ferguson: Jill's Riding Club – 30 June 2022. On pre-order now


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