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Book Spotlight

Joanna Cannan
More Ponies for Jean

Did you want to work with horses? Were you disappointed when Jill tried it and then meekly accepted the idea of a secretarial course? Well, an earlier pony book heroine, Jean, did fulfil that dream. Not that the circumstances in which she starts her career were in any way ideal.

Joanna Cannan based this book on the experiences of her daughters, the Pullein-Thompsons, who started a riding school during the war so they could keep their ponies and keep them fed.

And so More Ponies for Jean is set during World War II. Jean Leslie has had to leave school – not something that she regrets for one moment.

But will Jean have to sell one of her beloved ponies? Wartime means animal feed is expensive and hard to find. Jean’s father has joined the Army, and the family don’t have as much money. Two ponies are more than they can afford.

After a chance encounter with a child who has been bought a pony she can’t ride, Jean finds herself with a pupil. And so, as more children clamour for tuition, Jean starts a riding school with her friend Judy – perhaps this will be the way she can save her ponies.

A warning: there is some hunting in this book.

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Author Jane Badger

Heroines on Horseback

The pony book galloped onto the children’s book scene with a flick of its rosetted bridle, and has remained a fixture ever since. Brave girls and nervous ones, scruffy ponies and ornaments of the show ring cantered through pony tale after pony tale, all fallen upon by an audience desperate to read anything that reflected their own passion for the pony.

Books, Mud and Compost. And Horses. Read my blog here.

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I’m a freelance writer, editor and proof reader. I’ve written Heroines on Horseback (2019), a gallop through the pony book in children’s fiction, and have written the world’s largest website on equine literature.

I’ve now started a publishing company to bring back the classics of pony fiction.

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