Ponies of Britain Magazine

The Ponies of Britain society had its own magazine, which was first issued in 1957. It was edited by Glenda Spooner, who started Ponies of Britain with Gladys Yule. I haven’t yet found any covers that differ from the ones I have – all seem to have the same Joan Wanklyn illustration, just varying the excitement by having different background colours. The magazine was issued every other year, stopping temporarily in the late 1970s/early 1980s. It reinvented itself in 1983 with a 30th-anniversary edition, and then issued annuals (but not magazines) until the society changed its name to Ponies Association (UK) in 1989. 

Each edition included a story, often by Glenda Spooner herself, show reports and profiles of well-known horses and ponies. The magazine used the best illustrators: besides Joan Wanklyn, John Tickner and Thelwell contributed. The great and good of the equine world contributed articles. I’ve found ones by Henry Wynmalen and E. Hartley Edwards.

Ponies of Britain Annuals