Boxed sets were a phenomenon mostly of the 1970s. Armada did several different versions of their Pony Box, but they weren’t the only publisher to do so. Methuen did Thelwell boxed sets; Knight did them for Jill, and Dragon for the Silver Brumby books.

What was in each set varied; it’s tempting to be cynical and think that many of them included a couple of proven sellers, plus whatever the publisher had large stocks of at the time. Thus, contents vary dramatically. If you can find two boxes with the same cover design nowadays (and they tend to be rare survivals) the contents may well be radically different. Boxed sets are still being produced; ten of Pippa Funnell’s Tilly’s Pony Tails series appeared thus in 2011.

The sets below are listed in order of publisher.

Finding the books
Boxed sets can be an expensive way of buying books, often much more expensive than buying the contents separately. If the box still has its original contents, the box has often preserved them very well.

Many thanks to Hannah Fleetwood, who sent me the original photographs for this in 2010, and who must have wondered if they would ever see the light of day. Thanks to Tricia Murphy for the Silver Brumby box.