Horse and Pony

Horse and Pony started as a magazine that focused on Scotland, although the rest of the country was not ignored. It was published by The Scottish Farmer Publications Ltd, based in Glasgow.

Its first issue was in February 1971, and it cost 16p. The editor said:

We realise there are already many excellent publications in this field. This is trying to say something different, for a great many interests not previously given a loud voice

Horse and Pony, No 1, February 1971

The content was, apart from its distinctive Scottish focus, typical of most equine magazines. It included topical issues, like the plan to rate equine buildings, horse show diaries, a vet column and articles on well known riders. One of my copies also has a colour poster pull out but this didn’t seem to be a regular feature in the early issues.

Horse and Pony continued until around 2010. I only have a few of the earlier magazines, so apologies to those who remember it in its more recent form.

The magazine also published an annual from 1976–1980, edited by Eric Baird.

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