Follyfoot Annuals 1973–1978

Follyfoot was one of the 1970s television experiences most pony mad children of the era shared. The series was based on Monica Dickens’ novel Cobbler’s Dreamin which hero Paul rescues the pony Cobbler’s Dream from his abusive owner, though not before she has blinded him in one eye. He takes the pony to a home of rescue for horses in the Midlands (and incidentally changes name: he is Paul in Cobbler’s Dream, but Steve in most of the Follyfoot novels). Monica Dickens wrote a series of four Follyfoot stories: whether series or books came first I do not know. The Follyfoot Annuals were not, I think, written by Monica Dickens. Five were produced, and follow the same format of comic strip stories, factual articles and puzzles.

Follyfoot, the comic strip, first saw the light of day in Look In magazine. It was written by Angus Allan and illustrated by Mike Noble, Stanley Houghton, and Martin Asbury, and ran from 1971-1974. There’s a picture of Mike Noble and some original artwork here.

Finding the annuals
None of the annuals are particularly hard to find, but pricing is on the eccentric side, to say the least. Reasonably priced copies will generally turn up if you are prepared to wait.

Links and sources

Follyfoot in Look
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