Young, John Richard

About the author

John Richard Young wrote only four fictional books, which together made up the Don Revere and Raffy series. Raffy is an Arabian stallion, who is certainly a multi-talented animal, being trained as a reining and a cutting horse, and ending up as an Oympic eventer.

John Richard Young is also well known for his non-fiction work on schooling – and these are the books that are likely to turn up in the UK. None of his fiction had a UK publication.

Finding the books
None of the books are cheap, though all are usually available in America. As is usual with American books, it is quite hard to find copies which are not ex-library. Arabian Cow Horse is the easiest to find, and the most reasonably priced. Champion of the Cross 5 is very hard to find indeed, and very expensive. Olympic Horseman is also expensive. Arizona Cutting Horse is less hard to find, but still expensive.

Links and sources
Many thanks to Susan Bourgeau for the information and pictures in this section.

Bibliography (horse books only)

Arabian Cow Horse

Wilcox and Follett Company, Chicago, 1953, illus Lorence Bjorklund

A sceptical Don Revere is convinced by new neighbours that Arabians are suitable for
ranch work…he acquires the young stallion Raffy from them.

Champion of the Cross 5

Westminster 1955, Philadelphia, cover art Bill Wickham

The Arab stallion Raffy is trained and competes as a reining horse. (For the uninitiated, think a Western version of dressage, in which the horse is completely obedient to the rider, responding to virtually invisible aids).

Arizona Cutting Horse

Westminster 1956, Philadelphia, cover art uncredited

Raffy is trained as a cutting horse…. The best way to describe such a horse is to say
“a Border Collie that you ride.” The rider indicates which steer the rider wants cut from the herd, and the horse must react/respond to the steer’s actions with independent thought and action  of his own….the antithesis of a reining horse. Don acquires a second horse, the Irish bred Thoroughbred mare Clonmella.

Olympic Horseman

Westminster 1957, Philadelphia, cover art by Stanley Dersh

Don begins training Clonmella for Olympic eventing, using Raffy as his backup horse
…three guesses on which horse makes good?


The Schooling of the Western Horse
Univ of Oklahoma, 1954

Schooling for Young Riders
Univ of Oklahoma, 1970