Weber, Leonora Mattingley

About the author

Lenora Mattingly Weber (1895–1971) wrote the immensely popular Malones series, still in print today. Born in Missouri, her family homesteaded in Colorado, where Lenora had what could be described as a healthy, outdoor life. When she was 16, she rode in rodeos and Wild West shows, experiences she re-used in a few of her books. Most of her output though reflected her experiences with her own family: what she produced were credible stories of family life.

Finding the books
Reasonably easy to find, particularly the Malones books, which have been reprinted.

Links and sources
Lenora Mattingly Weber at Image Cascade
Terri Wear: Horse Stories: An Annotated Bibliography
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Bibliography (horse books only)

Meet the Malones

Thomas Y Crowell, New York, 1943, 218 pp, illus Gertrude Howe
John Gifford, London, 1949, 206 pp.
Berkeley Publishing, 1967
Image Cascade Pub, California, 1999, 282 pp, illus Gertrude Howe

Mary Fred Malone buys a lame black horse. No one in the family minds her doing this, as they think everyone should do what they think is right. Their grandmother, however, does not think this way, and trouble results when she comes to stay with them.

Riding High

Thomas Y Crowell, New York, 1946, 295 pp, illus Gertrude Howe

Emily, her sorrel horse, Pal O’ Mine, and her friends Kip and Pinto live on the Flying Crow Ranch. Em is a loveable cowgirl who can break a bronc as well as any man. The book consists of 18 different stories of their adventures and life on the ranch, from herding and branding, to working the
horses, and the story of the little black pig, who was meant to be Christmas dinner, but everyone fell in love with him.

Beany and the Beckoning Road

Thomas Y Crowell, New York, 1952, 243 pp.
Image Cascade Pub, California

Number four in the Malones series, this one sees  Beany taking a trip with her brother Johnny, an old lady and their friend Ander’s horse, Quaker. Beany gets homesick.