Stanley, Jean

About the author

Jean Stanley is the author of a rare trotting book, The Horse with the One Track Mind. She’s also written Danger on Pine Hill, on the completely unrelated subject of three children’s dramatic summer adventures.

Finding the book
Rare and expensive.

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Terri Wear: Horse Stories: An Annotated Bibliography
Many thanks to Lisa Catz for the summary

Bibliography (horse books only)

The Horse with a One Track Mind

The Westminster Press, 1962, 160 pp, illus Bill Bock Jr.  

Chuck is an orphan who was brought home from the orphanage to live with the Walkers. He helps with chores, and helps take care of Dixie, the trotting mare. The Walkers bought Dixie as an investment, hoping to make money racing her. But although Dixie trains like a champion at home, at the track she always does something that prevents her from winning. Chuck desperately wants to be adopted by the Walkers, but they are running out of money. If Dixie does not win a race soon, it looks like both Dixie and Chuck will have to leave.