Meigs, Elizabeth Bleecker

About the author

Elizabeth Bleecker Meigs was born in Pasadena, California, and was descended from old New York families. She was educated at the Notre Dame Convent on Staten Island and the Packer Institute in Brooklyn. She lived in New York.

She wrote some historical novels for children (one, Candle in the Sky, was about Joan of Arc), as well as five horse books. Two of them are about the same characters: Janie Scarlett (Miss Pooh), and her life with her family on their farm.

Finding the books
The books are generally reasonably easy to find in the US. Silver Quest was the only one to be published in the UK; it is difficult to find and tends to be expensive.

Links and sources
Dustjackets of the author’s books
Terri A. Wear: Horse Stories, an Annotated Bibliography, Scarecrow Press, 1987
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Miss Pooh
Scarlet Hill
The White Winter

Bibliography (horse books only)

The Silver Quest

Bobbs-Merrill Co, Indianapolis, 1949, 173 pp, illus Frederick T. Chapman
Frederick Muller, London, 1955, 155 pp, illus Frederick T Chapman

Cortes brought an Arab stallion to Mexico. No one could lay hands on him, but sometimes ranchers found silver foals running with their herds. The horse’s descendants all had his Arab looks. No one knew when the silver stallion died, as people still claimed to see him. Chela first learns of the legend through a fiesta gift: a tiny silver statue. Will she ever manage to see the

Blue Palomino

Dutton, 1955, illus Charles Geer

“Buffalo Bill” makes his living giving riding lessons to the children of his seaside village. Then he is sent his grandniece, Susannah, to raise. Susannah becomes friends with young Dusty Clayton. A blue Palomino comes into the pictures. Eventually Susannah is able to head for Texas to open a stud farm.

Scarlet Hill

Bobbs-Merrill Co, Indianapolis, 1947, 175 pp, illus Sally Tate

Miss Pooh (Janie Scarlett) is home from her first year away at boarding school, and is back at Scarlet Hill, the family farm. There is much to be seen; pigs, a muddy-pawed collie and a black Arab mare with a little colt. Janie, for her birthday, gets another black horse, and she and her sisters spend their summer learning to train them.

The White Winter

Bobbs-Merrill Co, Indianapolis, 1948, 209 pp, illus Frederick T Chapman

Miss Pooh makes nine wishes for her birthday. She wants her sisters to come home for the weekend, Father Storm to come for her birthday dinner, and thirdly, a King’s son. Despite the friendship of a collie, a yellow cat and a wild young stallion, Miss Pooh was lonely.


Dutton, New York, 1951, 118 pp

Felipe loves Sunflight, the Palomino stallion, better than all things. He is the only one who can control him. Sunflight is stolen, but manages to escape his captor. He runs wild. Meanwhile Felipe has been accused of stealing the horse, and when they do meet again, it’s doubtful that Felipe will be able to claim him.