McGiffin, Lewis Lee

About the author

Lewis Lee Shaffer McGiffin (1908–78) was born in Indiana, and educated at the University of Alabama. She worked as a journalist (using the name Lee Shaffer) for the Syracuse, New York, Post-Standard, and the Buffalo Evening News. She married, and once her family were older, she started writing again, and published her first children’s books, Ten Tall Texans and The Fifer of San Jacinto, in 1956. She went on to write several children’s historical stories, amongst which were at least two horse stories: The Horse Hunters and The Mustangers. It’s possible more of her books were about horses. If you’re able to help track them down, please contact me.

Finding the books
Both books are reasonably easy to find.

Links and sources
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Bibliography (horse books only)

The Horse Hunters

Dutton, 1963

Jeff and Sam herd their mustangs; not one of them tamed, to New Orleans. Their aim is to sell the horses to the Confederate Army, but before they can do it, Union Soldiers steal the horses. Jeff and Sam join the Confederate troops in an attempt to track the horses down.

The Mustangers

Dutton, 1965

Andy Taylor has romantic visions about mustanging. He’s living in New York, but he leaves and sets out for the West, to try and find his father, who is a mustanger in Texas.