Matthews, Camille

About the author

Camille Matthews learned to ride on her grandfather’s farm. She is a licensed social worker, and in 2002 was certified in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. She established the Pathfinder Program, which provides equine assisted mental health programs in New Mexico. In 2008, she was inspired to start a series of horse books by real events in the life of one of her horses. Once she teamed up with illustrator Michelle Black, a professional dressage trainer and artist, the Quincy books were born. Both the titles released so far have won Mom’s Choice Gold awards.

Finding the books
The books are still in print, and will also be available for the iPad.

Links and sources
Camille Matthews’ website: Quincy the Horse


The Showing series

Bibliography (horse books only)

Quincy Finds a New Home

Pathfinder Equine Publications, 2009, hb, 40 pp, illus Michelle Black

Quincy is taken to a new home: the biggest barn he has ever seen. At first he is unsure of
himself, but then he makes a new friend called Beau. Then Quincy finds out he is expected to go to a horse show and jump. He does not know what to do, but between them, Beau and Quincy find an answer.

Quincy Moves to the Desert

Pathfinder Equine Publications, 2011, 40 pp, illus Michelle Black

Quincy and Beau go on a big trip to the desert. Quincy is worried by all the new experiences, but Beau takes everything in his stride, and is in his element as Quincy’s tour guide. Quincy soon learns new things, and by the time they reach the desert, he has learned important things about himself.

Quincy and Buck

Pathfinder Equine Publications, 2013

Quincy learns to trail ride, and confronts a bully.