Kincaid, Beth

About the author

Beth Kincaid is a pseudonym used by the authors K A Applegate and Michael Grant to write a short horse series aimed at teenagers. The authors have written under other pseudonyms including Katherine Kendall, L E Blair, Pat Pollari, A R Plumb, and Nicholas Stephens, but their most famous creation by far is the Animorphs series. The Silver Creek Riders series was about four teenagers, and tackles real life issues like poverty, divorce, physical disabilities and the emotional difficulties that beset teenagers.

Finding the books
All easy to find in the USA – none were printed in the UK.

Links and sources
Many thanks to Lisa Catz for the photographs.
The Paris Review on the Animorphs series


Silver Creek Riders
Back in the Saddle
True Romance

Bibliography (horse books only)

Back in the Saddle

Jove Books, New York, 1994, 184 pp

Four girls  are at a summer camp at the Silver Creek Stable. They don’t get off to a good start. Sharon, recovering from a serious accident, resents the other girls’ pity. Jenna’s favourite horse is given to Melissa for the summer. Katie tries to pull them all together, but they are such a ghastly lot they earn themselves the nickname the “Thoroughbrats.”

True Romance

Jove Books, New  York, 1994

Melissa has broken up with her boyfriend, and Jenna has a plan to make her feel better – a secret admirer. Katie falls in love not with a boy but his horse (Romance), and then has to try and work out how to tell the boy he’s not handling his horse properly.  


Jove Books, New York, 1995, 185 pp

Sharon has mixed emotions as she returns to the show ring. Things are difficult for Melissa
after her mother loses her job, meaning Melissa has to work for her rides. Sharon, Melissa, Jenna and Katie are all involved in the local therapeutic riding programme, to add to the mix.