Kendall, Lace

About the author

Lace Kendall was a pseudonym used by Adrien Stoutenburg (1916-82). She was educated at the Minneapolis School of Art, and worked as a librarian. She wrote many books for children: fiction, non fiction and poetry, as well as poetry for adults. Her poetry collection Heroes, Advise Us was the 1964 Lamont Poetry Selection. During the 1950s she worked as an editor at the Parnassus Press, a children’s publisher. She lived with Laura Nelson Baker.

Finding the books
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Links and sources
Wikipedia on Adrien Stoutenburg
Adrien Stoutenburg’s papers are at the de Grummond Collection
Terri Wear: Horse Stories: An Annotated Bibliography

Bibliography (horse books only)

Little Smoke

Coward-McCann, 1961, 47 pp, illus Sam Savitt

The story of a new born foal as he learns about life. He is weaned from his mother, taught how to lead, to wear a bridle, and when he is two years old, to carry a saddle and then a rider. None of these things please him at first, but finally he finds his place in the world.

The Mud Ponies

Coward-McCann, 1963, illus Eugene Fern

Kirkus review

An outcast young Indian makes two ponies out of mud, which he treats like real animals. He’s mocked by his tribe, but his ponies come to life and he wins a race on one. The tribe heralds him as a brave.