Hatch, Alden

About the author

Alden Hatch (1898–1975), whose brother was Eric Hatch, wrote over 40 books. Most of his works were biographies; most notably of Pope Pius XII, Pope John XXIII, Brother André, Charles de Gaulle, Woodrow Wilson, and of his friends Dwight D Eisenhower and Mamie Eisenhower. A fan of racing, he wrote a biography of James R Keene in 1938, a collaboration with Foxhall Keene. Hatch’s juvenile horse book, Bridle-wise, is about a teenage boy with a gammy leg. Hatch had a “bum leg” himself, and wrote his novel to encourage disabled children to “carry on”.

Finding the book
Not particularly easy to find. It was not published in the UK.

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Alden Hatch on Wikipedia
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Bibliography (horse books only)


J Messner, Inc, New York, 1942, 156 pp, illus Diana Thorne and A G Peck

This book’s hero is a teenage boy who has a paralysed leg. He learns to ride on an old polo pony, and later rescues a companion on a burro pack trip.