Glaser, Dianne

About the author

Dianne Glaser has written several novels for teenagers, amongst which is this one horse story, Summer Secrets. As yet, I have found no biographical information on this author.

Finding the book
Easy to find in the USA; it was not published in the UK.

Links and sources
Terri A. Wear: Horse Stories, an Annotated Bibliography, Scarecrow Press, 1987
National Library of Congress

Bibliography (horse books only)

Summer Secrets

Holiday House, New York, 1977, 126 pp

The interestingly named Worthy Meadows has plans to spend the summer working at the riding stables when she visits her great aunt Ladybelle in Tulip, Arizona. This was her late mother’s hometown. Worthy wants both to work with the colt Red Rascal, and find out more about her mother.