Gilbert, Joan

About the author

Joan Sewell Gilbert is an author about whom I’ve not yet been able to turn up any information, which is a surprise, as her most recent horse book, Holiday Horses, was only published in 2007. Missouri Horses, and Mule Boy I think are non-fiction, but I’ve included them because Missouri Horses looks fascinating, even to someone, like me, who has only the dimmest idea about American breeds like the Saddlebred.

Finding the books
All are easy to find in the USA; none were published in the UK.

Links and sources
National Library of Congress
More on Missouri Horses at Wikipedia

Bibliography (horse books only)

Summerhill Summer

Bethany Press, St Louis, 1967, 208 pp

“Much against her wishes, Judy Turner goes to spend the summer with her brother Ted and his family at their large, mystery-enshrouded country home called Summerhill. She becomes acquainted with Barry, nephew of the former horse trainer at Summerhill.”

Mule Boy

Canal History and Technology Press, Easton, PA, 2004, 243 pp, illus Kathryn Schaar Burke

Missouri Horses: Gift to a Nation

Mogho Books, Hallsville, MO, 2003, sketches by Adele Graham

Non fiction.

Holiday Horses

Mogho Books, Hallsville, MO, 2007, illus Adele Graham

Other than that this is fiction and features Saddlebreds, I know nothing about it!