Ellis, Ella Thorp

About the author

Ella Thorp Ellis (1928–2013) was brought up in California. After her parents separated, she lived with various friends and relatives and both parents. As a teenager, she caught tuberculosis, and had more than enough time to sit and dream. She had, she said, “little to do but read and dream eighteen hours a day for three years [which] probably turned me into a writer.” When married with three sons, she moved to Argentina, and wrote about the people she missed; when the family returned to America, she wrote about her longed for Argentina, where her horse book, Roam the Wild Country, is based.

Finding the book
This book is easy to find in the USA. It was not printed in the UK.

Links and sources
Ella Thorp Ellis’s obituary on legacy.com
Many thanks to Lisa Catz for the photograph and summary.

Bibliography (horse books only)

Roam the Wild Country

Henry Holt & Company, New York, 1967, 212 pp, illus Bret Schlesinger
Aladdin, 1967, pb

Martin, his friends and his uncle Epifanio drive a 250 strong herd of Arabian horses to
Calamuchita when the Argentine drought means there is only one month of grass left. The three boys and the old Gaucho face a challenging journey; a puma stalks them and horses are injured before they have even reached the “unexplored” pass they must cross to reach grass.