Bonner, Mary Graham

About the author

Mary Graham Bonner (189–1974) was born in New York, and moved to Halifax with her family when young. She was educated at Halifax Ladies’ College, where she excelled at sport. She had great success with her children’s books as a teenager, so did not progress far through further education, preferring to concentrate on writing. She wrote over 4,400 stories (at least some of these were the daily bedtime stories syndicated by the Associated Press), and over 60 books, ranging from books for the very young to non fiction (often about Canada) and science fiction.

In 1942, she won the Constance Lindsay Skinner Award for Canada and Her Story.

As far as I am aware, she wrote just one horse story: Sir Noble.

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Bibliography (horse books only)

Sir Noble, the Police Horse

Knopf, New York, 1940

Mr Andrews has always wanted to sell a horse to the police force, so when Sir Noble is accepted by the force, Mr Andrews is overjoyed. Sir Noble takes to the training like a duck to water. This book tells his story, from foalhood to retirement.