Bendick, Karen

About the author

Karen Bendick Watson (b.1948) wrote, and illustrated a true story, A Horse Named Summer as a teenager. It’s a true story about her attempts to lease a horse for the summer. She wrote no further books under that name, though did illustrate a few titles.

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Bibliography (horse books only)

A Horse Named Summer

Rand McNally, Chicago, 1965, 127 pp, illus the author

True story written by a teenager who leases a horse for the summer. Karen (Candy)
Bendick had been having lessons since she was very young. The summer she turns 13, her parents agree to lease Duke for the summer. But things fall through with Duke, and Candy is disappointed. Duke’s owner recommends a dealer, and Candy falls in
love with a horse she names “Sir Summer Salt”, and the story tells of that wonderful
summer having a horse of her own, and riding in a horse show. The story offers a lot
of practical information on riding and horse care as well.