Baker, Betty

About the author

Betty Baker was an author of children’s books. The only biographical information I have been able to find does not mention her book Three Fools and a Horse. However, books mentioned in the piece are listed under the same author at the National Library of Congress, so I am assuming they are one and the same. Please let me know if I’m wrong. Betty Lou Baker (1928–87) was born in Pennsylvania. Her first stories were written for her son, and she went on to write historical stories, mostly featuring the American Indian. Her horse story, Three Fools and a Horse, is one such. It was illustrated by Glen Rounds, an author in his own right. Baker was a well-regarded author, whose awards included the Western Heritage Award and the Children’s Book Showcase Award.

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Links and sources
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Bibliography (horse books only)

Three Fools and a Horse

Macmillan, New York, 1975, 63 pp, illus Glen Rounds
Methuen Young Books, London, 1977, 63 pp, illus Glen Rounds
Aladdin Paperbacks, London, 1987
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Three fools see a horse, and they all want him. Little Fool races the man on the horse: he who wins the race, wins the horse.