Armstrong, Luanne

About the author

Luanne Armstrong (b.1949) was brought up on the farm her family had lived on for four generations. She has a PhD in Education, and is an adjunct Professor of Creative Writing at the University of British Columbia. Annie, which was her first published novel, sprang out of her childhood longing to be a cowgirl.

Finding the books
Reasonably easy to find. Annie was not published in the UK, but Jeannie is easily available, being still in print.

Links and sources
Biographical information in Annie
Luanne Armstrong at the Caitlin Press
Luanne Armstrong at Ronsdale

Bibliography (horse books only)


Polestar, Vancouver, British Columbia, 1995, 333 pp

Annie faces overcomes hardship and survives the wilderness to follow her dreams.

Jeannie and the Gentle Giants

Ronsdale, Vancouver, British Columbia, 2002, 150 pp

Jeannie is placed with foster parents when her ill mother can no longer look after her. Unhappy, she withdraws, but through the workhorses on the farm, learns to cope with her world.