Walker, Elizabeth

About the author

According to Wikipedia, Elizabeth Walker is one of the pseudonyms under which the American author Elizabeth Neff Walker writes. She writes romantic novels. It may well be that more of her books than I have here involve horses. She also writes historical romances set in the Regency period, under the name Laura Matthews.

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Bibliography (horse books only)

A Summer Frost

Piatkus, London, 1985, 279 pp.
Grafton, London, 1986, 279 pp.
Headline, London, 1991, 308 pp.

Mary Squires’ husband dies tragically and unexpectedly, and she is left alone with two children, homeless. It looks as if she will have to leave her beloved Yorkshire, but then an Irish show jumper, Patrick Broan, suggests Mary move in lock, stock and barrel with him.

Call Me Brave

Piper Original, London, pb, 1993, 139 pp.

Susie Diamond and her mother are struggling to keep going by running a livery stables. Things are not going well, but then Rueben, a gipsy boy, turns up, and the pair employ him to help.