Bayliss, Marguerite F

About the author

Marguerite F Bayliss (b.1895) wrote Bolinvar, originally published in two volumes, and then reprinted (with, apparently much of the racist material removed) by H Holt & Company. It is the story of a family feud between two branches of the Bolinvar family, which takes the form of an equestrian rivalry across three continents. Ponydom’s review of the novel said: “Lock the doors, turn off the phone, and return to the days of daring cavaliers, dashing young ladies, fine bloodstock and those who love them all. This book is a horse lover’s dream come true.”

Finding the book
Relatively easy to find.

Links and sources
Ponydom (website no longer extant)
Many thanks to Susan Bourgeau for the photographs.

Bibliography (horse books only)


The Derrydale Press, New York, 1937, illustrated by Robert Ball
Published in two volumes in a limited edition
Reprinted as The Bolinvars
H Holt & Company, New York, 1944, 384 pp.
A revised edition in one volume
The World Publishing Company, New York, 1945, 306 pp.
Armed Services Edn, 1945, pb