Hahn, Lotte K

About the author

Lotte K. Hahn was born in Czechoslovakia and grew up in Bremen, Germany, where she studied acting and later worked in the German theatre. While she was living in Germany, she became fascinated by unicorn legends, which gave her the idea for The Unicorn Who Wanted to Be Seen. After living in Czechoslovakia and Italy she moved to the United States in 1944, where she worked on radio with the University of Texas. As far as I know, The Unicorn Who Wanted to Be Seen is her only book. She did however write a story called Pablo and the Magic Lasso, a tale about a Mexican puppet which was set to music and performed by the Austin and Houston symphony orchestras.

The Unicorn Who Wanted to be Seen is a charming story, which doesn’t fall into the trap so many later unicorn books have of excessive winsomeness.

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Dustjacket of The Unicorn Who Wanted to Be Seen. Thanks to Amy Wagner for sending me the information.
British Library and National Library of Congress catalogues.

Bibliography (horse books only)

The Unicorn Who Wanted to Be Seen

Warne, New York, 1961, illus Christine Price
Frederick Warne & Co Ltd, London, 1961, illus Christine Price, unpaginated

This is a unicorn who wants to be seen, but who finds that no one, apart from an elderly sculptor, can.