Stanley Wrench, Margaret

About the author

Margaret Stanley Wrench was a poet, and wrote on Chaucer, as well as translating his Troilus and Chriseyde. She wrote two pony books. The horse James in The Rival Riding Schools is based on a real horse ‘who did all the things his namesake in the book does, and more.’

Finding the books
Neither book is difficult to find, or expensive.


The Rival Riding Schools

Lutterworth, London, 1952, illus F Furnival

The local stables is in financial trouble and might have to sell the horse Foxglove. The group of children who ride there decide to raise money to save Foxglove. All looks to be going well, but then a smart riding school moves down from London and threatens everything they’ve achieved.  

How Much for a Pony?

Lutterworth, London, 1955, illus Geoffrey Whittam

Many thanks to Sarah Beasley for the picture.