O’Connor, Gladys

About the author

Gladys O’Connor wrote several children’s adventure stories, mostly published by the Lutterworth Press. Amongst them was at least one title with pony content: Thanks to Dandy. I haven’t as yet found any biographical detail for this author. Please contact me if you can help.

Finding the book
Easy to find, and not generally expensive.

Bibliography: pony books only
Thanks to Dandy, Lutterworth, London, 1949, 95 pp. Not illustrated

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British Library, main catalogue
Many thanks to Lisa Catz for the photograph and summary


Thanks to Dandy

Lutterworth, London, 1949, 95 pp. Not illustrated

The Dawson family want a farm of their own, but they have little money, and Mr Dawson works in a mine. But then he is crippled in an accident, and is out of work. He is made a present of his pit pony, Dandy, to the excitement of ten-year-old twins, Kitty and Joe. They realise that with Dandy’s help, they can do some work. One day they meet an old man who has sprained his ankle and help get him home. When he becomes ill, Mr Dawson and Joe help look after his little farm. Their kindness is rewarded in a big way, when Zekie turns out to be a rich man.