Meyler, Eileen

About the author

Eileen Meyler wrote a series of seven books about the Elwood family, of which Adventure on Ponies is one. None of the other books, as far as I know, have very much pony content: Johnnie and Prue and their adventures are at the heart of the series.

Finding the book
Easy and cheap to find in both its incarnations.

Sources and links
Children’s Series Fiction, NCC, 2004


The Elwood Family Series
Adventure in Purbeck
Adventure at Dale House
Adventure on Ponies
Adventure Next Door
Adventure at Hawthorn
Adventure with Whim
Adventure at Tremayne

Note: this is generally not a pony series.


Adventure on Ponies

The Epworth Press, London, 1959, illus Ruth Scales
Epworth Press, London (Koala Books), 1959, pb, 135pp.

Johnnie and Prue are off to Corfe to their holiday cottage, but they have to take Amanda Davenant with them, and this doesn’t go down at all well with Johnnie. Then Amanda turns out to be frightened of the pony they keep at Corfe, Tom Tit, and Johnnie is thoughtless and rude. Then Tom Tit goes missing…