Campbell, Lindsey

About the author

Lindsey Campbell was born near Joppa, near Edinburgh. When she was eight, the family moved to Wakefield, and Lindsey later went to the High School there. She wrote Horse of Air when she was 15, and it is a tale in which most of the characters are animals. She said: “I was never much impressed with the human race: therefore I avoided it as much as possible.” The blurb on the inside of the jacket says: “….it could have been written only by a child. But it is not a childish story: it has a visionary quality that lifts it into the realm of purest poetic fantasy.” Which is intriguing, but not exactly informative about the book’s contents. The jacket said she was writing a second book: I can find nothing else written under the name Lindsey Campbell.

Finding the book
Very, very diffficult indeed to find.

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Dustjacket of Horse of Air
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horse of air

Routledge & Kegan Paul, London, 1957, 160 pp.