Ball, Richard

About the author

Richard Ball wrote Broncho, a partly fictionalised story of an army horse who became a showjumper, based I believe on Col. Malise Graham and his horse Broncho. Graham rode the veteran charger at Olympia. The book is sought after now for its wonderful illustrations by G D Armour, who also illustrated Penny Farthing, the story of a colt and his progress in the racing world.

Finding the books
The limited edition of Broncho is very expensive: reasonable reprints with dustjackets are usually reasonably priced. Penny Farthing is generally more expensive than the run of Broncho copies, though not as expensive as the limited edition.



Country Life, London, 1930, illus G D Armour
Limited edition of 200 copies, Country Life, 1930, quarter tan morocco and red cloth
Country Life, London, 1932 reprint

Robert Arbuthnot rescues Broncho from bad treatment at the hands of a dealer, and forms an undying bond with the horse. Their story takes them from hunting and point to point, through the First World War and on to Olympia.


Country Life, London, 1931, illus G D Armour

This is the story of Penny Farthing, race horse, from foalhood through to his racing career.  More than a portrait of a horse, the book also shows the full gamut
of racing life:  “the tout, the tipster, the stable lad, the “big” breeder and the “small”, the stud groom and his underlings, the auctioneers, the fellows who lay and take the odds – we meet them all, looking just as we know them.”


Country Life, London, 1931, illus Lionel Edwards

I suspect this is non fiction.