Fowler, Thurley

About the author

Thurley Fowler was born in New South Wales, and brought up on a farm. She’s written several children’s novels which have met with critical acclaim. Her Wait for Me! Wait for Me! was shortlisted for the 1982 Australian Children’s Book of the Year Award, and The Green Wind won it in 1986. She’s written one horse book (as far as I’m aware): A Horse Called Butterfly (1984).

Finding the book
Not hugely easy to find: it does exist bound as one volume with The Green Wind and there appear to be more copies of this around.

Links and sources
Thurley Fowler at Penguin Australia (page now not available)
Thanks to Lisa Catz for the photograph and summary.

Bibliography (pony books only)

A Horse Called Butterfly

Ashton Scholastic, Sydney, 1984, 123 pp. Reprinted 1991
Reprinted in one volume with The Green Wind

Susan didn’t want a horse for her birthday, especially one like palomino Butterfly. Everyone else thinks he’s wonderful, but Susan hates his name, and the way he behaves. She decides to sell Butterfly, but he keeps coming back.