Wedekind, Annie

About the author

Annie Wedekind grew up in Louisville Kentucky, where she rode. She’s ridden in every place she’s lived since, and carried on with her love of horses by writing about them. She’s contributed several titles to the Breyer Horse Collection series.

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Terri Wear: Horse Stories: An Annotated Bibliography

Bibliography (horse books only)

A Horse of Her Own

Feiwel and Friends, New York, 2008, 275 pp.
Square Box, 2009

Kirkus review

Jane feels an outsider at Sunny Acres farm, where most of the other girls are rich. The horse Jane rides is sold to another camper, but then Jane’s teacher asks her to help train a new horse, and it brings out the best in her.

Little Prince : the Story of a Shetland Pony

Feiwel and Friends, New York, 2009, 123 pp.  

Phin is a Shetland, who has gone to become a show pony in the big city. However, his owner loses interest in him, and he’s sent to a farm for unwanted animals and must find a way to make a home there.

Wild Blue : the Story of a Mustang Appaloosa

Feiwel and Friends, New York, 2009, 124 pp.  

Blue the Appaloosa is captured by men. She grabs a chance at freedom and tries to find her way home.

Samirah’s Ride : the Story of an Arabian Filly

Feiwel and Friends, New York, 2010, 121 pp.

Arabian filly Samirah has been raised and trained by Jasper. They will do anything for each other. As the family ranch declines, Jasper is afraid Samirah will have to be sold. Desperate, she concocts a plan that unwittingly brings she and her horse to the edge of disaster.

Mercury’s Flight : the Story of a Lipizzaner Stallion

Feiwel and Friends, New York, 2011, 123 pp.

The blurb:

“Favory Mercurio is a Lipizzaner stallion living in 1930s Austria. He’s accepted into the Spanish riding School, and slowly makes his way through the years of training. But then World War II takes his beloved trainer and rider, Max, away and Mercury is alone once. Will he have the chance to become one of the great Lipizzaner stallions, or will he lose all the things he loves?”