Tulloch, Maurice


Maurice Tulloch (1894?–1974) illustrated several pony books, and numerous books on sporting subjects. I have, as yet, found no biographical information on him, but I assume from the dates of his published work that he saw active service during World War II. It is probable that he spent some time in India; he was certainly commissioned to illustrate several books on Indian subjects.

The pony books he illustrated are mostly done in a bright, sunlit style, but I think his most successful illustrations are when he moves away from that to a more realistic portrayal. I particularly like his Jumping Jan, which emerged as one of the most popular of pony book covers when I ran a poll on the Forum attached to this site. Ponies in Secret is very unusual amongst pony books in having colour plates throughout, as well as a colour frontispiece. The book instantly conjures up a distant, fantasy world where the sun always shone.

None of his pony books are impossible to find, as long as you don’t mind paperback reprints. If you want the originals, with dustjackets, then The Impossible Horse, Four Rode Home and No Place for Ponies are all now expensive, and hard to find. Jumping Jan has increased in price over the last couple of years, but the other pony titles are still reasonably easy to find.

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