The majesty that is fancy dress class part 2

Yet more delights from Ponies of Britain magazines ….

Firstly, you have the exhibit where the ponies are definitely bearing more of the load (often literally):

Could Humpty actually see? What would have happened if the soldier had dropped the lead rope and the Shetland wall had been left to his own devices?

The Loch Ness monster below won its class. This is another one which must have been a challenge while you were in the class. The pony’s input here was really pretty minimal, though it looks as if he has a definite opinion on what the humans are doing.

A saintly pony: putting up with those glasses:

I remember wearing socks like that for school. They were all right at first, but they always seemed to lose their elasticity, and then you’d be reduced to wearing elastic bands round them to keep them up, which although sometimes uncomfortable if you didn’t get the right size elastic band, was still better than constantly hoicking them up from around your ankles. I hope that Little Red Riding Hood’s socks were new.

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18th July 2020

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18th July 2020

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