The Famous Dog series

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Grosset and Dunlap, who published the Famous Horse series, also published a series called Famous Dogs. Many of the authors whose works were used for the Famous Horse series also wrote titles for the canine equivalent: Col S P Meek, Thomas C Hinkle and John Taintor Foote amongst them. Silver Chief, to the right was a Jack O’Brien title.

Collins (the Glasgow and London publisher) did their own Famous Dog series. It seemed to be a fairly close equivalent to the Grosset and Dunlap series, using many of its titles. Some of the covers were produced specially for the series.

The bibliographies below I know are not complete; the titles are a representative selection I found on a quick browse through the copyright libraries and Abe. If you know more titles let me know.

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More information on the Collins Seagull series
Many thanks to Susan Bourgeau and Fiona Williams for information and the photograph.

The Grosset & Dunlap Famous Dogs Series

Glenn Balch: White Ruff
James Oliver Curwood: The Danger Trail
James Oliver Curwood: Kazan the Wolf Dog
James Oliver Curwood: Isobel
James Oliver Curwood: – Baree – Son of Kazan
J Allen Dunn: Boru, the Story of an Irish Wolfhound
Hubert Evans: Derry’s Partner
Hubert Evans: Derry, Airedale of the Frontier
Hubert Evans: Derry of Totem Creek
John Taintor Foote: Dumb-bell
David Grew: The Wild Dog of Edmonton
Thomas C Hinkle: Dusty, the Story of a Wild Dog
Thomas C Hinkle: Old Nick and Bob
Thomas C Hinkle: Trueboy
Thomas Hinkle: Wolf
Thomas Hinkle: Vic, a Dog of the Prairies
Thomas Hinkle: Bugle, a Dog of the Rockies
Thomas Hinkle: Vic, a Dog of the Prairies
Thomas C Hinkle: Barry, the Story of a Wolf Dog
Jim Kjelgaard: Irish Red
Jim Kjelgaard: Big Red
Jim Kjelgaard: Snow Dog
Eric Knight: Lassie Come Home
West Lathrop: Juneau the Sleigh Dog
George Watson Little: True Stories of Heroic Dogs
Jack London: Call of the Wild
Jack London: The Call of the Wild
Jack London: White Fang
Stephen W Meader: Bat the Story of a Bull Terrier
Col S P Meek: Rusty, a Cocker Spaniel
Albert G Miller: Silver Chief’s Big Game Trail
Jack O’Brien: Silver Chief to the Rescue
Jack O’Brien: The Return of Silver Chief
Jack O’Brien: Silver Chief’s Revenge
Jack O’Brien: Silver Chief, Dog of the North
Jack O’Brien: Return of Silver Chief
Jack O’Brien: Spike of Swift River
Jack O’Brien: Valiant, Dog of the Timberline
Alfred Olliphant: Bob, Son of Battle
Ouida: A Dog of Flanders
Marshall Saunders: Beautiful Joe
Marshall Saunders: Beautiful Joe’s Paradise
Albert Payson Terhune: Further Adventures of Lad
Albert Payson Terhune: His Dog
Albert Payson Terhune: Lachinvar’s Luck
Albert Payson Terhune: Lad, a Dog
Albert Payson Terhune: Lad of Sunnybank
Albert Payson Terhune: The Critter and Other Dogs
Albert Payson Terhune: A Dog Named Chips
Albert Payson Terhune: Bruce
Albert Payson Terhune: Buff, a Collie
Albert Payson Terhune: The Way of a Dog
Regina Woody: Almena’s Dogs

The Collins titles

Kenneth Gilbert: Wolf Dog Valley
Thomas Hinkle: Vic, a Dog of the Prairies
Thomas Hinkle: Tan, a Wild Dog
Thomas Hinkle: Gray, the Story of a Brave Dog
Jim Kjelgaard: Lion HoundJim Kjelgaard: Outlaw Red
Jim Kjelgaard: Stormy: a Boy and his Dog in a Fight for Justice
Jim Kjelgaard: Wild Trek
Jack O’Brien: Silver Chief, Dog of the North
Jim Kjelgaard: Irish Red
Jack O’Brien: Spike of the Swift River
Lathrop West: Jet, Sled Dog of the North