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  • Heroines on Horseback: what’s in it?

    Heroines on Horseback: what’s in it?

    CHAPTER 1: ‘I Remember the Day I was Born’ How it all began: what was the earliest pony book written? And who was responsible for moving the genre away from trotting obediently in the footsteps of Black Beauty, with pony biography after pony biography? This chapter looks at authors like Eleanor Helme, Marjorie Mary Oliver, Golden…

  • Heroines on Horseback: FAQ

    Heroines on Horseback: FAQ

    What is the book about? It’s a look at the pony book from its earliest trot up until the 1970s. All the major authors are featured: Ruby Ferguson, the Pullein-Thompsons, K M Peyton, Monica Edwards and Monica Dickens, and many more. There’s a chapter looking at the development of the pony book in this century,…