Stable Management magazine appeared bi-monthly. It was ‘devoted to the administrative, business, supply and equipment interests of those who own and manage riding schools, livery stables and riding stables.’

The earliest one I’ve found was called Riding School and Stable Management – the title changed to Stable Management at some point in the 1960s. Each issue featured a different establishment, and they do make fascinating reading now we look back from the very different climate in which riding schools and stables operate now.

Stable Management no longer appears to be in print in the UK, but there is a magazine of the same name published in the US.

The magazine was available only through subscription.

s managent_0023
Aug/Sept 1964 - Talland School of Equitation
s managent_0022
Feb/Mar 1968 - Foscote Manor, Bucks
s managent_0021
June/June 1968 - Hanstead Stud
s managent_0020
Aug/Sept 1968 - Hawley Equitation Centre
s managent_0019
Oct/Nov 1968 - Lilo Blum, London W1
s managent_0018
Dec 1968/Jan 1969 - Hurstwood Hackney Stud
s managent_0017
April/May 1968 - Foxcroft, Virginia
s managent_0016
Aug/Sept 1972 - Wirral Riding Centre
s managent_0015
Dec/Jan 1973 - Reitzentrum Markhof
s managent_0014
Feb/Mar 1973 - Gilbey Horses, Oxon
s managent_0013
April/May 1973 - Old Vicarage, Ripon
s managent_0012
June/July 1973 - Costains Farm
s managent_0011
April/May 1974, Fox Hollow, Pennsylvania
s managent_0010
June/July 1974, Bushy Equitation Centre
s managent_0009
Aug/Sept 1974, North Hill Farm
s managent_0008
April/May 1975, The Wharf, Oakham
s managent_0007
Apr/May 1982, Little Barn, Warfield
s managent_0006
Vol 20, no 1, New Hall School Riding Centre
s managent_0005
Vol 20, no. 2 - Akehurst Stud
s managent_0004
Vol 20, no. 3 - Ivory Equestrian Centre
s managent_0003
Vol 20, no. 4 - David Hunt's centre
s managent_0002
Vol 20, no 5 - Warwickshire College of Agriculture
s managent_0001
Vol 20, no. 6 - Haremere Hall/Sussex Shires