Showing your horse or pony is something which crops up often in pony books. It is a rare pony book in which our heroine does not at least try to win the 12.2 and under class. Books about showing yards or based entirely around showing are rather less common.

Caroline Akrill: Showing trilogy – Caroline’s cousins run a showing yard
Linda Chapman: Showing series – an orphan girl arrives in her uncle’s showing yard
Jean Slaughter Doty: The Crumb – abuses in the showing world
Jean Slaughter Doty: Monday Horses – abuses in the showing world
Jill Krementz: A Very Young Rider – non fictional photo essay on the American showing world
Patricia Leitch: A Dream of Fair Horses – Perdita is Gill’s dream of bliss
Dorothy Lyons: Harlequin Hullabaloo/Bluegrass Champion – Judy’s skewbald is not a conventional Saddlebred
Patience McElwee: The Dark Horse – a grandmother is determined her grandchildren will win at showing
Amélie Rives: Trix and Over the Moon – early 20th century novel on disastrous breeding
Glenda Spooner: The Silk Purse – a showing mother and reluctant daughter, with manic fantasy half way through
Diana Tuke: A Long Road to Harringay – long, long road by a mare back to showing success after horrific injury