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A World of Their Own (Fantasy)

A listing of horse and pony books and the fantastical.


Some of the earliest pony books took readers into a fantastical world: in the 1930s, John Thorburn introduced the talking Hildebrand, and Primrose Cumming tapped pony-mad children’s dreams with Silver Snaffles, in which ponies could talk, and taught you to ride. In the decades since, there has been a steady trickle of flying horses, ghosts and supernatural talents, but in the last twenty years or so there has been a flood of equine fantasy. Some of it is very bad indeed; and there is a distressing tendency for unicorns (who are particularly popular with fantasy writers) to be creatures of such matchless goodness they render their creators devoid of all critical faculties. There are writers who have managed to avoid this trap, and winged horses fly over New York; the Crusades are visited with fantasy, and angels watch over horses.

Celtic Mythology

Patricia Leitch: The Horse from Black Loch – a family try to protect the water horse
Patricia Leitch: The Jinny series – some elements of fantasy occur throughout the series
Fay Sampson: The White Horse is Running, Finnglass of the Horses – Celtic mythology meets horses



Marion Dane Bauer: Touch the Moon – a china horse is much more than he seems
Sue Bentley: Magic Ponies series – a magical pony tries to find his sister with help from humans
Caitlin Brennan: Mountain’s Call series – gods take the form of white horses
Caitlin Brennan: Epona series – Sarama tries to protect the lands and people of EponaAlyssa Brugman: The Equen Queen – horse-like creatures have the ability to heal
Betsy Byars: The Winged Colt of Casa Mia – a winged horse is born on a ranch
Nancy Caffrey: Mig o’ the Moor – a mystical stallion helps Danny overcome his fear of racing
Lindsey Campbell: Horse of Air
Page Cooper: Amigo, Circus HorsePrimrose Cumming: Deep Sea HorsePeter de Cosemo: Led by the Grey – a teenage boy discovers he can talk to horses
Angela Dorsey: Horse Angel/Guardian series – a mystical girl is called to protect horses
Angela Dorsey: Whinnies on the Wind series – a girl can communicate with horses
Monica Dickens: Messenger series – occasional fantastic elements; not much pony content
Emily Edwards: The Trouble with Being a Horse – a girl wakes up and finds she has turned into a horse
Carol Emshwiller: Mister Boots – set in Depression era America, with a hero who is sometimes a horse, and sometimes not
Jamieson Findlay: The Blue Roan Child – wordless communication between human and horse in a fantasy world
Elizabeth Vincent Foster: Lyrico, the Only Horse of His Kind – girl gets a skewbald with wings
Phyllis Garrard: Plum Duff and Prunella
Harry Greenberg: Horse Fantastic – collection of short stories
Stacy Gregg: Pony Club Secrets series – mostly Pony Club, but some fantasy horses
Brian Hayles: Moon Stallion – the White Horse of Uffington goes mystical
Pamela Kavanagh: The Pony Swap, Hoofbeats on the Wind, Pony Farm Mystery, Taladdin, Dreamcatcher, Hoofbeats at Midnight
Joan Lamburn: The Mushroom Pony – a fantastic pony tale
Betty Levin: A Binding Spell – strange things happen at the barn
Elizabeth Lindsay: Magic Pony series – a miniature magical pony
Michael Maguire: Mylor and Mylor – the Kidnap – Mylor is mechanical, yet lives
Michael Maguire: Swiftly, Swiftly 2 – it’s a greyhound with mystical powers in this series
Magdalen Nabb: The Enchanted Horse – Irina’s little wooden horse is enchanted
Kate O’Hearn: Pegasus series – the Olympian Gods, Pegasus, and modern New York collide
Jenny Oldfield: My Magical Pony series – Krista is helped in her adventures by a mystical pony
Glenda Spooner: The Silk Purse – entirely normal showing novel which does surprising short lived excursion into fantasy
Mary Stanton: The Heavenly Horse From The Outermost West, Piper At The Gates


Ghosts and Haunting

Carolyn Henderson: The Grey Ghost – a ghostly horse helps the heroine save her riding school
Eleanor Jones: Dreams or Demons – Laura and her horse are pursued by a mysterious creature
Eleanor Jones: Echo of Hooves – has a robber’s ghost been riding Libby’s horse?
Eleanor Jones: Fears and Phantoms – a mysterious fire comes and goes
Angela Dorsey: Freedom series – a haunted barn
Janni Lee Simner: Phantom Horse series – Star is a ghost horse whom only Callie can see
Nancy Springer: Sky Rider – a ghostly horse helps out
Ann Wigley: The Red Horse Haunting – an old stable is haunted


Talking Horses

Rita Mae Brown: Sister series – talking horses
Primrose Cumming: Silver Snaffles – Jenny enters a magical world where ponies talk, and teach you to ride
Brian Fairfax-Lucy: Horses in the Valley – three horses talk about their owners
Priscilla Hallowell: Dinah and Virginia – Virginia the horse talks, but only to her owner
Janet Rising: Horse Whisperer series – Pia can talk to horses because she has found a statue of Epona
John Thorburn: Hildebrand – poor Hildebrand was cursed at birth with only being able to eat things that start with an “H”
C Northcote Parkinson: Ponies Plot – riding school ponies organise their own lives


Time Slip

Rita Mae Brown: Riding Shotgun – time slip mystery
Jean Slaughter Doty: Can I Get There by Candlelight? Time slip fantasy



Linda Chapman: Secret Unicorn series – Twilight the grey pony is in fact a unicorn
Babette Cole: Fetlocks Hall series – heroine Penny goes to an unusual school. Which has unicorns
Alan Garner: Elidor – the best unicorn story. It has no equals
Mary Stanton: Unicorns of Ballinor