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Working with horses

A listing of horse stories featuring books where working with horses and ponies is central to the plot.


It was the dream of most horsy children to work with horses – it certainly was mine. I suppose I have succeeded, in a rather roundabout way. The pony book did sometimes show the reality of working with horses. It certainly wasn’t all a dream.

Gillian Baxter: The Stables at Hampton – a girl works at a dressage stable
Susan Chitty: My Life and Horses – in which our heroine brings her own distinctive approach to working with horses
Monica Edwards: Rennie Goes Riding – a girl struggling with stress and poor health works with horses
Ruby Ferguson: Pony Jobs for Jill – Ann and Jill experience the world of horsy work
Jessie Haas: Working Trot – James’ parents want him to go into business; he wants to work with horses
Veronica Heath: Susan’s Riding School
Viola Heathcote: Fiander’s Horses – a girl’s experiences working with horses
Patricia Leitch: A Horse for the Holidays/Janet, Young Rider  Janet has a job to persuade her mother horses are good
Pamela Macgregor-Morris: Clear Round – Fiona, horse-mad, learns horse management (as well as flower arranging. And romance).
Kathleen Mackenzie: Jumping Jan  16 year old Jan gets her first job, working with the Jervis family
Diana Pullein-Thompson: Janet Must Ride – Janet gets her chance at cross country after working for a family
Josephine Pullein-Thompson: A Job with Horses  a first job at a castle
Don Stanford: The Horsemasters – a group of students take the Horsemaster’s Certificate so they can work with horses
Dorian Williams: Wendy series  Wendy works with horses so she can keep the pony she won