Wish for a Pony

Tamzin and Rissa have no ponies, and even when a riding school comes to stay nearby for the summer, that still doesn’t help. At least at first.

Publishing history
Collins, London, 1947, illus Anne Bullen, 159 pp.
Collins Crown Library, 1951
Children’s Press, 1956
Collins Laurel & Gold, 1957
Armada, pb, 1963
Children’s Press, 1968
Collins, Pony Library, 1972/3
Goodchild, Wendover, 1984 (revised)

Tamzin and her friend Rissa spend their lives dreaming about ponies, but ponies they do not have. A riding school then comes to spend the summer near their home, and after they save one of their horses from an accident, they progress beyond hanging over the gate to helping exercise the ponies.

It is not until the end of the book that Tamzin gets her wished for pony, Cascade. Purely by chance she finds out about the pony, whose owner has lost the use of her legs after falling off him. Her father wants to have the pony put to sleep, but Tamzin persuades him otherwise, and Cascade is hers.

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Monica Edwards