Winter Ponies

Just when she thinks she might get a pony of her own, Sheila moves from the country to a seaside resort.

Publishing history
Hodder & Stoughton, London, 1987, illus Francis Phillipps, 143 pp.
Canongate Press, Edinburgh, 1993, 143 pp.

Sheila moves from the country to a seaside resort, just at the point she thinks she will finally manage to get a pony of her own. Things look up, however: she meets a like-minded friend in Laurie, who tells her about the beach ponies. The girls manage to have two of the ponies on loan, Sheila, true to pony girl form, choosing the really difficult one. The owner’s son, Luke, doesn’t like ponies at all, but seems to want Sheila’s pony, Magic, back. It takes some time, and some struggles, before the girls find out why.














Pamela Cockerill