Winning a pony

A listing of horse stories featuring books where someone achieves the dream of winning their own horse or pony.


I have happy memories of poring over the WH Smith Win a Pony competition when the leaflet arrived, tucked into my copy of Pony. I never won a pony, but I dreamed.

Judith M Berrisford: Jackie Wins a Pony  Jackie wins Misty in a magazine competition
Gunnel Linde: A Pony in the Luggage – a boy and girl win a pony in a raffle and smuggle it into their hotel room
Kathleen Mackenzie: Prize Pony – in which a vicar’s daughter wins a pony in a raffle
Frances Priddy: Barbie – Barbie wins a Shetland pony
Dorian Williams: Wendy Wins a Pony – Wendy wins a pony in a competition, and goes on to work with horses