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Wild horses

A listing of horse stories featuring books based on wild horses and ponies.


Joseph Chipperfield: Banner
Joseph Chipperfield: Fury
Joseph Chipperfield: Ghost Horse
Thomas Fall: Wild Boy
Rene Guillot: The Wild White Stallion
Marguerite Henry: Misty
Marguerite Henry: Stormy, Misty’s Foal
Marguerite Henry: Sea Star, Orphan of Chincoteague
Pamela Macgregor-Morris: Exmoor Ben
Elyne Mitchell: Silver Brumby series
Elyne Mitchell: Moon Filly
Rutherford Montgomery: Golden Stallion series
Mary O’Hara: My Friend Flicka
Mary Elwyn Patchett: The Brumby
Mary Elwyn Patchett: Come Home Brumby
Mary Elwyn Patchett: Brumby Foal
Mary Elwyn Patchett: Circus Brumby
Mary Elwyn Patchett: Rebel Brumby
Mary Elwyn Patchett: Stranger in the Herd
Mary Elwyn Patchett: The Long Ride
Mary Elwyn Patchett: Tam the Untamed
H M Peel: Fury, Son of the Wilds
H M Peel: Jago
H M Peel: Untamed
Christine Pullein-Thompson: Phantom Horse series
Gerald Rafferty: Snow Cloud, Stallion
Julia Wynmalen: Holly the Story of a Pony